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Programmes Schedule 2018 - 19 

Educational Programmes

Cultural Programmes

 Educational Programmes

1. Spoken Sanskrit Course

Spoken Sanskrit course is open for all those who are interested in being able to speak Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is taught in a very simple and direct method so as to make it easy for the participants to learn to speak in Sanskrit. The duration of this course is 3 months. (Mon-Wed-Fri: 7 to 8.30pm)

2. Diploma in Sanskrit Teaching

This special course is open to all those who are interested in making a career in Sanskrit teaching and promoting this ancient language to others. Thorough training is given to the to-be-teachers about how Sanskrit language can be taught by direct, easy and interesting methodology. It is a part-time one year certificate course. It is offered twice a week. (Tue-Thurs: 5.30-7.30 pm). Eklavya Sanskrit Academy has also helped the participants with successful placements at the completion of this program.

3.  Bal Sanskar Kendram

This programme is for school students from 1 st to 7 th Standard. This course guides them about their curriculum with examination point of view as well as puts across Sanskrit language in a very interesting and smooth manner by sharing stories, shlokas based on Indian culture. It is a full year programme. (Sunday: 10-11.30 am)

4. Sanskrit Guidance

This programme is especially for students who are studying in Standard 10th. This course guides them about their curriculum with examination point of view. This course benefits studies and general learning of the language. It is a 10 days programme scheduled during summer and Diwali vacations.

5. Bal Sanskrit Shibir

This programme is for students who are studying in Standard 8 th and 9th. This course focuses on overall development in Sanskrit language along with covering textbook materials. It also covers grammar points of the language. It is a 10 days programme scheduled during summer and Diwali vacations.

6.  Stotra-Path

The spiritual knowledge lies in the stotras. The chanting of stotras and stutis is being taught and the same is being explained with proper pronunciation and meaning. Different stotras like Shiv Mahimna, Atharvashish, Shakradaya Stuti, Nitya Puja Prayog and more are taught expanding the ideas. This course is offered in 5 to 10 sessions depending on course content (on Sunday mornings).

7. Sanskrit Karyashala

In this programme, the training is provided at your institution to your students as per their schedule. They are made to learn how to teach in a professional approach. This course is for those who cannot come to Eklavya Sanskrit Academy to attend the courses because they already have a group who is interested in learning at their own institution.

8. The Taste of Sanskrit Literature

A topic or a book from Sanskrit literature is being taken for reading and understanding different poems and plays. People who did not get an opportunity so far but, are interested, get to learn about Sanskrit literature in this programme. The course duration is as per the content. Contact for upcoming course schedule.

9. Vedic Maths

Vedas are a great source of deep knowledge. The astonishing system of calculation, which was originally born in the Vedic Age and was deciphered during the start of the 20 th century, is what we know as Vedic Mathematics. A fast and quick approach to calculation is taught in this class with the help of experienced teachers.


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